Chelsea DSA - What we do

The CDSA are working closely with the club on many issues relating to disability. Both us and the club are aware that facilities can be improved. We will officially meet with the club three or four times each season and will discuss a way forward on any issues that arise. When the association was formed in February 2006 the following constitution was agreed:

The CDSA will work closely with the club to try and improve the following:

1. Disabled supporters' view and to increase the number of wheelchair spaces above pitch level.

2. Access to bars and food outlets through lowered counters.

3. Access to the ticket office.

4. Access to the megastore.

5. Car parking. We will work with the club to attempt to increase the number of spaces available within or around the ground.

6. Away travel. We will work with the club to investigate the possibility of organised away travel for disabled fans both within this country and (via the clubs official Travel Agent: Thomas Cook) within Europe.

This constitution merely scratches the surface of the barriers we disabled supporters face in trying to support our club. Some examples of our achievements so far are:

a. The creation of our own website and email address enabling us to become more contactable for the disabled supporters that we represent.

b. With the clubs input, the improvement of the membership ticket policy to offer all disabled members an option in obtaining match tickets.

c. Installation of Radar locks on all disabled toilets within Stamford Bridge.

d. Publicity of the CDSA through information to be sent out in disabled membership packs and a link to our site on the main club website.

e. Publication of the minutes of our meetings with the club, making our relationship with the club more open and transparent.

f. Arranging transport for disabled supporters on official matchday ThomasCook Sport daytrips to away European matches.

g. Addition of an FAQ section on the disabled ticketing page of the Clubs' website.



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