Chelsea DSA - History

Thursday 16th February 2006 : Meeting hosted by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge to discuss the prospect of setting up a Chelsea Disabled Supporters' Association.

Thursday 16th February 2006 : Above prospect was discussed and deemed to be a good idea at the meeting. Applications were invited and the clubs Disabled Liaison Officer and the Fans Forum disabled representative would sift through them and select the 5 best candidates.

Friday 24th February 2006 : The 5 most suitable candidates were selected and informed.

Thursday 23rd March 2006 : The first meeting of the CDSA held at Stamford Bridge.

Thursday 27th April 2006 : The first meeting between the CDSA and Chelsea FC held at Stamford Bridge.

Friday 17th August 2007 : The first minuted meeting of the CDSA and Chelsea FC held at Stamford Bridge.

Saturday 27th Sept 2014 : First meeting of CDSA and Chelsea FC run by an Independant Chair.

Wednesday 12th Sept 2018 : Our meetings with the Club are changed to the Accessible Supporters Forum.

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