Di Matteo Suite, Millennium Hotel, Chelsea FC

Monday 7th December 2015, 4.00pm



Attendees (Constituency represented/ role)


Hayes, Tim – Non-ambulant match supporter member

Law, Matthew – Honorary committee member

McGeever, Timothy – Ambulant season ticket (“ST”) holder

Piggott, Diane – Disabled Liaison Officer and Supporters’ Clubs Manager, Chelsea FC

Regan, Andy – Independent Chair

Smith, Graham – Head of Ticketing and Head of Supporters’ Liaison, Chelsea FC


Apologies for absence


Hayden, Lisa  – Non-ambulant ST holder

Powell, Mick – Ambulant match supporter member


(Action points are underlined.) 





There were no changes to the minutes. Action points were as follows:


Survey topics meeting


Tim Hayes was sent meeting details as he requested.  The Club commented that the meeting was run independently and the purpose was to define questions to ask disabled supporters in future surveys. 


Toilet hooks and hangers


The Club said this is being arranged so should remain as an action point.


Store lift mirror


This is being installed to assist wheelchairs to reverse.





The Club confirmed that the double-handed cup, the cosy toes blanket and hand warmers will be sold in the shop from January.  One representative commented that unfortunately there hadn’t been any response from fellow disabled supporters when the proposals were shown online. 


The Club will assess how well the items sell.  The Club is aware that pricing has to be right but can’t confirm prices for these goods at present.


The Club confirmed that it doesn’t sell hooks for large banners to be positioned in the stadium and these are provided by the Club when needed.





The Club welcomes comments on this.  One representative commented that collection of away tickets for European matches is less convenient now.  The Club said the plan is to keep the system if we are in European competition next season, for the reasons stated previously.


The Club confirmed that for disabled tickets, ST holders have first opportunity.  There are about 200 ST holders and 1,000 members for these tickets.  Representatives were happy to keep the current structure of ST, Rota and standard members tickets.  The more home draws we have, the more matches Rota members can be offered.  The Club confirmed it’s sent tickets back by Rota members who can’t attend matches which can then be offered to other members.  Members are contacted before they are sent a ticket in the first place.  There is no Rota system for away matches.


The facility to phone in for tickets is helpful according to one representative.





The Club confirmed these are provided free for carers, regardless of where they are positioned in the stadium.





One representative raised the issue of these not being available in the concourse of the West Lower.  The Club will review this.





Reflectors on posts exiting the stadium


It was raised by a representative that the posts are not visible at night and could do with reflectors.  The Club will review this.


Language in the West Lower


One representative commented that bad language in a particular area has been reported to the Club and to Kick It Out.  Problems have occurred during more than one match, for instance with a Dynamo Kiev supporter being ejected when they scored.  The Club confirmed this is being looked into.


Stadium move


The Club confirmed that the planning application has been submitted to the local Council.  The Club has consulted widely on the proposals and the Council has a page on its website about the planned redevelopment for the area.


In response to a question, the Club confirmed that nothing has been announced for naming rights and the focus is on obtaining planning permission.




The meeting finished at 4.30pm.                                       .