Attenborough Suite, Chelsea FC

Wednesday, 20th April 2016, 4.00pm



Attendees (Constituency represented/ role)


Collins, Eamon – Disability Access Officer and Supporters Club Supervisor

Hayden, Lisa  – Non-ambulant season ticket (“ST”) holder

Hayes, Tim – Non-ambulant match supporter member

Law, Matthew – Honorary committee member

McCall, Mark – The Leadership Factor (guest)

McGeever, Timothy – Ambulant ST holder

Pastakia, Adil – Project Neptune Team (guest)

Piggott, Diane – Disabled Liaison Officer and Supporters’ Clubs Manager, Chelsea FC

Powell, Mick – Ambulant match supporter member

Regan, Andy – Independent Chair

Smith, Graham – Head of Ticketing and Head of Supporters’ Liaison, Chelsea FC


(Action points are underlined.) 





There were no changes to the minutes. Action points were as follows:


Appropriate height hooks and hangers in disabled toilets/ wheelchair height tables in the West Lower/ reflectors on posts


The Club confirmed that all three action points will be finished within the next few weeks.  A lot of work has been carried out to install lower counters in the West Stand already.





Mark McCall presented the results, stating this is the first year of the disabled fans’ survey. CDSA representatives contributed to setting the questions.  About 800 were surveyed and 306 responded which is an excellent response rate and should provide accurate statistics.   The survey ran from 9th February to 2nd March.  Male respondents totalled about 78% with most respondents being aged 45+.  Results were also analysed by type of disability. 


Supporters were asked to rate various issues for their satisfaction level.  The highest scores were for staffing with helpfulness of stewards at 9.1 which we consider to be a world class standard.  Other staff assistance aspects were at 8.6 and 8.7.  Access by car only scored 5.5.  Safety was at 8.9.  Location of match seats scored 7.8 and atmosphere received 8.4.  Not all respondents answered every question.


Comments were requested for scores of 5 and lower.  In comparison over all, the scores are higher than in the general fans’ survey.  A number of comments received were about lack of parking and ease of access.  Comments regarding food and drink were similar to the general fans’ survey.


Females gave higher scores over all.  Deaf and hard of hearing fans gave the highest scores in comparison to other disabilities, followed by the blind and partially sighted, ambulant and limited mobility supporters.  Wheelchair users gave the lowest scores over all.  Access by car was particularly scored lower by the latter group. 


We compared these scores with other fans.  Atmosphere, control of bad language and ease of access scored better for disabled fans though the latter was not so high for non-ambulant fans.


Seat location and view, modified or separate kiosks, cheaper tickets and access of parking are factors mentioned frequently in comments.  Just under 20% were aware of the express food service with just under 20% of that group having used it.  Some commented that there are teething issues with the service.


Results are also compared to the importance of issues.  For instance, there is a gap between the importance of obtaining tickets and the level of satisfaction with the issue.


Overall the satisfaction score is 80.4% which is around 10% higher than the general fans’ survey.


The main issues for improvement arising from the survey are location of match seats, access to the ground and wheelchair factors.  There are a lot of specific comments to go through which takes some time but is very useful.  We’re grateful to all those who took part in the survey.





Stadium upgrade


A member from the Project Neptune Team confirmed that the Planning Application process is still very active and good progress has been made to date. There are a number of issues still to be addressed before the Case Officer can write his report and submit to the Planning Committee for approval. The Project Team hope that this will be concluded later this year.


Since Planning Application submission in November 2015 a lot of re-consultation has taken place with key stakeholders. Comments concerning DDA have been received from LBHF and Level Playing Field and the Team are in the process of formally responding to those comments. Prior to submitting the formal response back on DDA, members of the Project team would like to solicit feedback/input  from CDSA members in the form of an informal presentation sometime in May 2016.





Thomas Cook Travel


A representative stated that for the Everton cup match one fan was told by Thomas Cook there were no wheelchair train tickets and another was told that the one place had already been sold.  This was soon after the train tickets went on sale.  The Club responded that the train ticket sales are separate to match ticket sales so it may have been someone without a ticket at that point who had already reserved the wheelchair space.


Personal Independence Payment (“PIP”)


It was raised by a representative that the new system will be an award for life so can’t be date specific when proving disability.  The Club said it would take account of this.  As long as one of the requirements is fulfilled then the season ticket/ membership can be renewed.  The Club is aware that the disability evidence system is going through a major transition at present.


The Club also confirmed in response to a question that the train ticket for Club travel to Liverpool was to Lime Street only.




The meeting finished at 4.50pm.                                       .