1905 Club, Stamford Bridge Stadium

Monday 30th April 2018, 4.00pm


Attendees                             Group represented/ role

Berry, Richard                      CFC Legal

Cornwall-Jones, Linsey      Non-ambulant Rota supporter member

Flatau, Bob                          Assistant Facilities Manager and Disabled Officer

Hayden, Lisa                        Non-ambulant ST holder

Hayes, Tim                            Non-ambulant match supporter member

Law, Matthew                       Honorary committee member

McCall, Mark                         The Leadership Factor (guest)

Morse, Barry                         Ambulant Rota supporter member

Piggott, Diane                       CFC Disabled Liaison Officer and Supporters’ Clubs Manager

Powell, Mick                         Ambulant match supporter member

Regan, Andy                         Forum Chairman

Smith, Graham                     CFC Head of Ticketing and Head of Supporters’ Liaison



Carey, Steven                       Ambulant season ticket (“ST”) holder

Collins, Eamon                     CFC Disability Liaison and Supporters Club Supervisor





There were no changes to the last minutes.  The following are action points/ matters arising from previous minutes:


Review of the disabled ticketing policy


The Club confirmed all wording is being reviewed in the light of the significant changes, as discussed further below. 


Steward numbers and behaviour on Club transport


This has been reviewed.


Mobiloo facility


The Club confirmed that photos were on the Club website. The Club will provide these to Matthew to be placed on the CDSA website.


Survey questions


The Club clarified that the questions submitted by representatives were considered for the additional disabled supporters survey, not the annual one.  The Club is grateful to those CDSA members who suggested questions.  Not all suggestions submitted were included in the survey but, where the Club considered appropriate, they were incorporated into the final question wording.  For instance, asking fans if they want a price increase is going to result in predictable answers.  Those surveys were sent to all disabled fans who had opted to receive information from the Club by email.  In response to a question, the Chairman commented that Steve is not sending out surveys on behalf of the Club.


Staggered price rises


The Club confirmed that feedback from the CDSA is being considered.





The Club said that the annual survey for disabled fans is being extended until 11th May so the intention is to have an additional meeting for the CDSA for these to be presented.  Mark from The Leadership Factor is attending today to present an overview of the main fans’ survey as those results are now completed.


Mark said that the main survey has run for 14 years and we usually have 3-4,000 responding with the response number this year being around 3,300.  The 55-64 year old category were the largest group of respondents and results measured between season ticket holders are broadly similar on many issues between stands.  We measure over all satisfaction and have received the third highest score since starting the surveys, at 71.7%.  Safety is identified as the most important issue for fans and also scores the highest, with stewarding scoring highly.  Food and drink scores relatively low in comparison to other factors; atmosphere is identified as important but fans are less satisfied with this, especially younger fans.  Younger fans score safety and getting into the stadium highly.  Older fans score obtaining tickets, the ticket office and the programme higher.


Results on the pitch affect the survey responses so atmosphere and pricing for instance will be affected.


We measure results based on both satisfaction and on how important they are to fans.  Those identified as most important are safety, atmosphere, accessing tickets, ease of access and egress for the stadium.  Satisfaction scores for topics well above the average include safety, stewarding and the programme, with lower than average scores including atmosphere, food & drink, and obtaining league tickets.


The Shed and Matthew Harding Stands score lowest for atmosphere, whilst the West Stand scores highest for turnstile access.


About three quarters of respondents state they’ve been to another ground in the past year with about 40% stating our stadium is better than other/s visited and 16% stating ours is worse.   Fans are asked to explain their reasons for this.  Atmosphere is often cited as the difference for those who both consider our stadium is better or worse.


“Priorities for Improvement” are identified for the Club resulting from the survey.   These are atmosphere, price and quality of food & drink, and availability of Premier League tickets. 


Staff are complemented a lot in the comments section.


The Leadership Factor runs the main, disabled and hospitality fans’ surveys.  The latter received its highest scores since their surveys began with around an 83% satisfaction figure.  Staff and stewarding score well with the score for atmosphere falling there too, again perhaps related to team performance.


The results of the disabled fans survey will be presented to the CDSA in the summer. 

Those on this committee who want to complete the disabled fans’ survey should email Graham.





The Club has announced its policy and thanks representatives for their input to date.  The main changes are the Rota scheme being abolished, the UK and UEFA away schemes being available for disabled fans and major changes in the stadium.  Membership will work in the same way as for non-disabled fans, with tickets purchased on a match by match basis.  A free PA place is still available per disabled fan.


A representative commented that feedback from some fans is that they can’t afford to go if tickets are charged for.  Another commented that although views here are good, at Wembley fans in front were standing up, which was a problem.  The Club responded that the seats recommended for disabled fans at Wembley are the best possible given access points.  It’s a difficult balance.  We don’t usually sell all our wheelchair allocation for the final so the Club suggested that fan speak to a steward if the problem exists on the day and they may be able to move you.  The representative added that the ticket office is helpful generally.





The Club responded to a representative that the system was considered five years ago but the Club decided not to pursue it as it involves fans moving seats and paying for an upgrade once in the stadium.  Football fans in this country will move and sit in a spare seat if they so choose anyway and the culture is not to pay for an upgrade.  Also, fans would walk round the ground to their new seat and need access once again.  The O2 trialled it and stopped it and generally it doesn’t work for big stadia.  We are considering using more technological options when we are in a temporary stadium, such as paperless tickets.





New stadium


The Club responded to a question that there are no further details on this as we wouldn’t be returning for four years after moving to a temporary stadium.


Additional meeting


The Club confirmed that an additional meeting in the summer will afford the opportunity to show representatives the new disabled areas planned for next season and for the disabled survey results to be presented.


West Stand disabled area


A representative commented that someone in a scooter scoots along the area during the match, causing risk to other supporters.  Stewards aren’t stopping her and it happened at Wembley as well.  The Club will investigate.


Changeover of Forum members


The Chairman commented that the new selection process is starting with adverts appearing soon.  From next season, the CDSA will consist of two wheelchair and two non-wheelchair season ticket holders, and two wheelchair and two non-wheelchair members.  We are ensuring a smooth transition by retaining those CDSA members for another year who haven’t completed their two-year terms – Barry and Linsey.  Matthew will continue his honorary roll.


For all other representatives, their last meeting will be in the summer.






The meeting finished at 4.40pm.                           .