Vialli Suite, Chelsea FC

Wednesday 19th April 2017, 4.00pm


Attendees (Group represented/ role)

Collins, Eamon         Club Disability Liaison and Supporters Club Supervisor

Daine, Nav                Club Head of Concessions

Flatau, Bob   Club Disabled Access Officer

Hayes, Tim    Non-ambulant match supporter member

Law, Matthew           Honorary committee member

Piggott, Diane           Club Disabled Liaison Officer and Supporters’ Clubs Manager

Powell, Mick Ambulant match supporter member

Regan, Andy             Forum Chairman

Smith, Graham         Club Head of Ticketing and Head of Supporters’ Liaison

Taylor, Simon           Head of Chelsea Foundation



Butler, Andy  Leadership Factor

Carey, Steven           Ambulant season ticket (“ST”) holder

Hayden, Lisa            Non-ambulant ST holder





There are no changes to the minutes and no action points arising.





The disabled survey scored 82.7% this year.  This is the highest score for any survey the Club has run.  Staffing in general scored 9 out of 10 overall.  Priorities for improvement from the survey results are access by car and kiosk access as well as food and drink with location of match seats also highlighted as a priority for improvement.  Over half the respondents were dissatisfied with access by car with food and drink criticism focused on both price and quality.  Some complained about seats being too low down.


Comments received include the lack of car parking spaces and permit parking in the area.  Comments about food and drink include items being too expensive in comparison to those available around the stadium.  It was mentioned by some that correct height kiosks are at the wrong end of the ground though the Club added that they are signposted.  Only 11% of those completing the survey have used the Express App which we would like to increase.


A summary will be sent out with the minutes.





In request for an update, the Club said it would be unrealistic to make major structural changes to the stadium prior to the move.  There are no developments to announce regarding a temporary venue or the rebuilt stadium since the Mayor of London approved planning permission.  The only certainty is that the new stadium will be fantastic and will exceed the minimum requirements for disability facilities in all respects.  The Club added that it will consider short term measures before we move grounds and is happy to consider any proposals from the committee or from disabled fans generally.





One representative commented that there is a concern about parking as far away as Wansdown Place so could the Club consider access for the disabled along Fulham Road nearer to kick off than is presently the case?   The Club responded that details are not finalised but it’s expected there will still be a requirement to close Fulham Road in the period before and after each match.  We will have a walkway at the back but there will also be far more fans for whom to manage access and egress.  The closure period may therefore be slightly longer than now though no decisions have been taken.  At present closure is 90 minutes pre match and for an hour after.  It’s standard practice at all stadia to close roads due to crowd volume and there is the added concern of terrorist attacks.


The Club added there will be more parking spaces under the stadium replete with lift access.  There is no tunnel planned underneath to adjacent areas and the new stadium is still constrained by road access only going to Fulham Road.  Stadium designers are reviewing this issue though.


The Club commented that for next week’s youth cup final second leg capacity is capped at 5,000 fans as Fulham Road would have to be closed otherwise.  Most roads in the area are residents parking due the shortage of spaces, which is why for most fans we strongly recommend public transport.





The Club was asked about the latest developments and responded that it is assessing architectural proposals and costings.  The two options being looked into are, firstly, the conversion of an area for a changing places room/sensory room with an additional accessible toilet and, secondly, the possibility of a mobile changing place unit.  All of this is included in a feasibility study.  The Club will report back on this at the next meeting.





A representative mentioned that Brighton & Hove Albion appear to have this facility and asked if the Club could introduce a similar process. The Club responded that there will be a new ticketing system running by the 2018-19 season and this aspect could be included.  A concern is that if the wrong option is chosen by an ambulant supporter in accidentally reserving a non-ambulant space then that supporter can’t be admitted. 


The Club added that a supporter filled in the wrong application for a match at Wembley a few years ago which wasn’t noticed until the day of the match.   For the FA Cup semi-final we have non-ambulant places left but not ambulant places.


One representative raised the possibility of having a logo with each option that fans would look for alongside writing.





The Club was asked if the cost of a 1 & 1 IPhone friendly website could be covered by the Club.  It responded that CDSA may need to look at covering the cost itself as it’s a site run by fans; other fans’ groups pay for their own running costs. The Club will consider this and if adopted the site can presumably be run as it is now with appropriate coding in place to transfer the content.





The Club is introducing a new range of pies and other dishes and welcomes feedback.  Items selected by fans will be chosen by the Club for the pre-order menu which will offer over 20 pies - which is more than any other club - and some 150 items in total.  We have vegetarian options available too.





There was no other business.




The meeting finished at 4.40pm.                                       .