Meeting: CDSA meeting


Date: Tuesday 7th May 2013


Present: Diane Piggott, Darrell Sheehan, Graham Smith, Matthew Law, Gerry Bowell, Andy








Minutes of previous meeting.







Matters Arising.

Looking into websites and screen readers (from last meeting) Gerrys wife, Sharon, is good at screen readers. Willing to help Matthew with this. Gerry was to communicate with Matthew direct.

Away games Gerry was doing reviews of the stadiums. Was going to email that over to us.

Facebook ongoing. Communication department to help set it up for Matthew.





Press were blocking our views for one half of each match (not sure if this can be helped). Secondly I was blocking the view of the two people to my right because I cannot get back far enough to leave a clear view. My suggestion is that Wheelchair users and their PAs be grouped together as much as possible. I understand that there are season ticket holders to take into consideration so it may not be possible but if it could be done it would improve the match day experience for a lot of people in the front row.

That links with point 4 below. We will speak to the relevant departments to make sure that this is looked into as it should not be happening. We cannot really group everyone together as season ticket holders have been in those seats for years and if we were to move them it could possibly cause issues for those actual season ticket holders. Therefore we wont move season ticket holders.








Idea of grouping the non-ambulant supporters in the West stand so as to improve the experience for all in the front row.





The stewards have a tendency to sit in front of wheelchair users, thus blocking the view. Stewards need reminding once more.





Bolt on inside of disabled toilet doors.

We cannot really put a bolt within the inside in case there is an accident or if someone needs to get into there for an emergency. The door should show when it is vacant or engaged. However it should not be happening, therefore we will look into it. We will also speak to Jill regarding the stewards opening this door whilst someone is using it.





Facebook page

The communication staff can look into this we will get a date for Matthew in either June/July. Gerrys wife would get in touch also.




Buddy scheme was Simon contacted?

The last meeting where we discussed this was slightly ambiguous and we needed some more information regarding this. Matthew was going to find out what he was actually looking for. If there was a buddy scheme it would be a list of trusted personnel that someone could take with them to a game, with transport etc. included. A PA for the day basically. Most disabled people are dependent on people. These people we get could be PAs for a living. The would be able to drive the customers cars if insured that way etc. one obvious thing we can do is ask fans who go to away games and see if this is something they would like to do for disabled members. Could be a PA for the day or just a lift to the game. However the person may want to do this more than once. Put an advert through the fan zone, magazine or programme? We look into this and get back to everyone.




Any other business?

UEFAs allocation of disabled spaces. The whole allocation for this match was extremely low for everyone. We do get communication from NADS occasionally.

Another issue was the cables going across the wheelchair positions on certain matches. Its difficult to get by them for wheelchair users and for people who cannot walk with ease. This has been notified and will be looked into and monitored again for next season. Mainly Europa leagues.

Another issue was Chelsea fans sitting next to Man Utd fans at Man Us stadium. It can be awkward. However unfortunately we cannot do much as its not our stadium. Gerry had a bit of trouble at Liverpool and QPR however Fulham were amazing with him.