Meeting:†††††††††††††††††††† CDSA meeting


Date:†††††††††††††††††††††††††† Monday 28th April 2014


Present:††††††††††††††††††††† Diane Piggott, Ryan Powell, Graham Smith, Matthew Law, Donna Sercombe, Peter Carter

Apologies: ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††







No outstanding agenda points from the last meeting.


Donna mentions that wheelchairs had blocked her view. The club said there will be an additional access audit carried out in July. We already have looked at how possible improvements can be carried out which we have received feedback and is under review for costís and options, this needs to be approved by the board, forseason 15 -16. We will hold meeting with the CDSA regarding changes. Mathew also mentioned if there will be the addition of more platforms, The club said the review was for the whole stadium.







Awaiting access audit results





The club advised from next season for the CDSA meetings these will be held on match days, Andy Reagan who chairs the fans forum will be chairing the CDSA meeting, minutes and agenda points. Applications for the new CDSA committee will also go through Andy.††









The club advised of the changes for 14-15 policy, we will now take telephone sales, loyalty points will be awarded for Super Cup, Community Shield, and World Cup Championships this will apply to all policies. The disability department will open on non-match day Saturdays in line with the ticket office. Crystal Palace, Fulham and West Ham away fixtures will be sold on a loyalty pointís basis and payment by gift card can be made by telephone. They said the changes are good. Matthew asked can a disabled season ticket holder renew his/her season ticket online, The club pointed out this cannot be done as we need the proof of disability but said proof can be emailed in. The club mention about the tight turn round for Madrid, and how we dropped to zero loyalty points for the home leg, they were surprised, they are also happy with the application process and pleased with the introduction of telephone sales for next season. The club asked if they required any changes, tweaks or anything, Peter said not really, he find it easy to apply for tickets as he has it saved on his computer. The club asked if there had been any feedback from the Madrid home or away with the short turn round, they said no. The club asked if there is feedback anyone wants us to look at and is everyone happy with the policy, Matthew said no complaints. The clubs asked if there are any suggestions, Peter said to look at the wheelchair spaces try not put them together, The club said this will be part of the audit to implement for season 15-16. We have done the recommended changes from the last access audit we had done 2 years ago. Matthew asked if it was done by LPF or if LPF had a say in the audit, The club said it is done by an external company. Matthew express that he was disappointed that the changes canít be done ready for season 14-15, The club that it needs to be reviewed and approved. Matthew said that LPF had asked how many wheelchair spaces we would require if we got to the final, he gave a figure of 25. Donna said it is very hard to gauge something like this,












The Meeting ends with everyone being thanked for their time and their effort on the CDSA.††



Meeting ends